The perfect gift for a visual arts aficionado

The perfect gift for a visual arts aficionado.

Think of a book, or a piece of Mexican movie memorabilia.

Books published by the Agrasánchez Film Archive make great gifts, not only for people interested in Mexican cinema, but also for visual arts lovers,  graphic designers, and photography aficionados.

Note: Due to the very expensive cost of shipping books abroad, we only sell them within the United States.

Check our books at:

Poster Art from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema (first edition brand new hardcover copies; signed by the author if requested; 200 Mexican movie posters featured):

portada poster art

Beauties of Mexican Cinema (hardcover edition on sale for a limited time). A lavislhy illustrated volume; 61 actresses featured.

portada beauties mexican cinema

Miguel Zacarías, creador de estrellas (last copies, on sale)

portada Miguel Zacarias

About Mexican movie memorabilia, there are many pieces that are real works of art, and also a good investment. We have available some surplus materials (one-sheet posters, lobby cards, window cards) that would be excellent gifts. Mexican movie posters have an appeal not only to Mexican cinema aficionados, but to lovers or graphic design, pop culture, and contemporary art. Many of those posters were made by great artists from Mexico and other countries., like Ernesto García Cabral, Josep Renau; Juan Antonio Vargas Briones, Leopoldo Mendoza; José Espert, Francisco Rivero Gil, Antonio Arias Bernal, Eduardo Obregón, Jesús Hernández Corzo, and so on.

Moreover,  lobby cards designed for U.S. theaters that catered to Spanish-speaking audiences have actual movie stills glued onto the cardboard. Some of those stills were taken by noted photographers, like Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Luis Márquez, and Leonardo Jiménez.

Cartel de la película ' Fíjate qué suave', obra del maestro Josep Renau. Técnica: aerógrafo.

Cartel de la película ‘ Fíjate qué suave’, obra del maestro Josep Renau. Técnica: aerógrafo.

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