Mexican movie posters.

Mexican movie posters and more: surplus material.

The Agrasánchez Archive is selling some surplus original Mexican movie posters, window cards (that bear the same design as one-sheet posters, but are smaller), lobby cards, and movie stills.

We will ship within the United States and abroad, in case foreign buyers are willing to pay for certified mail.

Mexican movie poster art is internationally recognized for its appeal and value.  Those posters do not only belong in museums and archives; many people proudly display them in their homes or business places.  

Cartel de 'La feria de San Marcos', por Ernesto García Cabral.

Cartel de ‘La feria de San Marcos’, por Ernesto García Cabral.

Renowned artists like Ernesto García Cabral, Antonio Arias Bernal, Leopoldo Mendoza, Rafael López Castro, among the Mexicans; and Josep Renau, his brother Juanino, José Espert, Francisco Rivero Gil, and other less known and anonymous artists contributed to advertise Mexican films in a unique way.

Cartel de la película ' Fíjate qué suave', obra del maestro Josep Renau. Técnica: aerógrafo.

Cartel de la película ‘ Fíjate qué suave’, obra del maestro Josep Renau. Técnica: aerógrafo.

These movie posters appeal not only to fans of Mexican cinema, but to anyone that appreciates graphic design, contemporary art, and fine caricature. 

Each time you buy surplus material and other items from our Archive, you are helping  to the salvaging and preserving of Mexican film heritage, and at the same time, you will make a good investment.

If you are interested in receiving a digital catalogue, please drop us a line. You can specify the sort of material you are interested in: Golden Age, the ’70s, horror & wrestler, caricature, or any artist or theme in particular.  In case you are writing from an archive, university, or museum, please let us know; we will have special sets for you.

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Catalogues are available right now:

a) Mexican movie posters – Golden Age and beyond

b) Mexican horror & wrestler movie posters

c) Cabral posters

d) Movie posters by Spanish exiled artists

e) other memorabilia



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